What’s the difference between a “Colada”, a “Cortadito”, and a “Cafe con Leche”?

Ever wonder what’s the difference between a colada and a cortadito?

 Well…Fear no more!


A Coladais when cuban coffee is made  on the stovetop in a coffee maker.  Once the coffee boils you pour a small bit into your mixing/serving glass with a few spoons of sugar.  Pour a small amount of coffee in and begin to stir immediately while the sugar turns into a pasty substance.

Colada | Perfect Cuban Coffee

Colada | Perfect Cuban Coffee

After doing this for about 60 seconds, pour the remaining coffee into the glass containing the sugary paste and  mix well. Serve individual coffee shots out of small plastic cups or traditional small ceramic cups called “tasas”.


A Cortadito follows the same process, and is served in the same or slightly larger glasses and is mixed with milk and sweetened even more to taste.

Cafe Cortadito - Cuban Coffee

Cafe con leche

A Cafe con Leche is a cuban coffee beverage where espresso coffee is mixed in a large coffee glass with milk and sweetened more. The best is to make Cuban tostadas and DIP them into your coffee and eat.  Very affordable, perfect breakfast for a struggling college student – or anyone else.

Cafe Con Leche | Cuban Coffee

Cafe Con Leche | Cuban Coffee


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